Do I Have To Play A Sport?

Do I have to be good at a sport or have played one in order to be involved in sports media?

This is the most common question that people ask when it comes to talking sports on any source of medium.  The answer is NO! I know when you turn on any sports game you will see one of the announcers presenting the game being some sort of ex player of that sport, but that doesn’t mean you have to have been good yourself.

I played baseball and my career highlight is being hit in the face with a fly ball…in practice.. before the game even started.  I wasn’t good at baseball, but I know so much about it from watching it and reading about it.  I used to be told that “I don’t know football because I never played it.”  Jokes on them I played flag football.  I was the backup quarterback (I got the girls without having to cost us the game.)  Just because I didn’t play the contact game doesn’t mean I don’t know the sport.

What can I do?

Everyone is different in how they learn something. I read and watched so many games, but that isn’t the only things you can do. Watch highlights on popular sports networks like ESPN and FS1. I will cover more about these networks another day.   A good idea would be to watch these networks and see how many of them actually have announcers who aren’t big names or sports stars (many just have a journalism or communications degree).  Figure out what sport or sports you want to be an expert at and dive right into it. Even if the sport you like isn’t a popular one,  the sport will still need people to talk about it.

Buzzer Beater

In this posts buzzer beater,  I wanted to end by asking a simple question: What do you think is the most popular sports media medium in the world right now? Find out the answer on the next post.

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