About me

My name is Margaret Cooper, I am a junior who recently transferred to IUP from the University of Pittsburgh. I attended IUP as a freshman for the fall semester, and then transferred to Pitt in the spring. I always thought that Pitt was my top school and the place I wanted to spend the next four yours of my life, but I was wrong. Somehow, the school I was only supposed to spend one semester at, IUP, always felt much than Pitt, being a large school in the middle of the city. It took me a long time, though to finally realize that I didn’t want my whole college experience to be something I regretted (no matter how many people told me that Pitt was a much better school). So, finally, I came back. As of the Spring 2018 semester I am an IUP student once again, and plan to be for the rest of my college career.

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