Weather Conditions

The time of year has a huge influence on how we dress. It can means adding layers or taking some away. This can have positive and negative impacts on your EDC.

First off, I try to be consistent with what I carry which means I dress for my items. If I can’t carry everything comfortably, then I’ll likely change what I’m wearing.

Adding layers of clothing whether it be for winter applications or rain, you can get away with with bigger gear. The one dilemma to be knowledgeable about is the gear needs to still be quickly accessible, mainly firearm focused. Wearing more clothing means you have to clear more clothing in order to reach your firearm. The best way I found of keeping that speed and consistency is just practicing a few draws before I leave the house, and making sure nothing impedes my drawstroke. I will provide two examples of this. I carry the same knife everyday in my right pocket, and the clip is exposed. One time as I was taking a few reps drawing my firearm, I noticed my rain jacket was getting caught on the knife’s clip. Therefore, I had to put the knife fully in my pocket. Another example is from work. All of the gear on my duty belt needs to be accessible. During summer this isn’t an issue, but for winter we are issued a heavy jacket. I have to lift my jacket, and tuck it between my shirt and belt so I can access my work EDC. Even if it is snowing, the items we are issued will work while wet, which is the beauty of having quality gear and I’m thankful my department takes care of us. Gloves are also recommended during winter although I rarely wear them because I do not train enough with thick gloves. The plastic hospital gloves are on my hands sometimes for half of my shift, therefore I’ve trained with them on, and know how they effect my grip. Just a few things to consider.

Dressing down, many people have the mindset that they will carry smaller or less gear because their clothes won’t cover it. That’s a personal decision, but something I do not practice. I’m in the process of acquiring a smaller gun, and will give it a try. Until then, I will wear larger shirts and cargo shorts, which cargo shorts are the greatest invention ever for me due to the large side pockets. This is one of my hardest challenges with jeans lacking pockets. I don’t think I can personally change the fashion industry unfortunately. Thanks

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