The most important part of an EDC is having the items on your person, or close by the moment they’re needed.

How is this accomplished? For myself, I try and dress around what I have to carry. This will include wearing a larger shirt, or cargo shorts. I sacrifice a lot of comfort to carry the items I do. That sacrifice is easy to make for me, but may not be as big of a deal for everybody. This is especially true if weapons are not in the rotation.

Building this consistency is all part of your mindset. Will you have that gain in tools while giving up the comfort? It’s not for everyone, and I can’t answer that question for anyone. Once the realization strikes that the emergency responders won’t be there as quick as you think, it will be too late. Having a great EDC simply gives you an advantage, and in most cases the upper hand to control any situation.

Humans like routines, and an EDC should be an everyday routine. Building the consistency is easy, similar to going to the gym. Once you find the rhythm, then it becomes second nature.

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