Why EDC?

The main focus of my blogs will be directly related to every day carry, or EDC as I will refer it as. What is this, and what types of people would want to do it?

It normally consists of individuals who carry things with them every single day. For a website developer, they may carry the normal phone, wallet, keys, and computer. I think it varies depending on time of year, profession, and commitment. For myself, my EDC is compiled of my phone, keys, wallet, knife, gun, spare mag, medical gear, and flashlight. I will eventually cover all of these components and why I elect to carry them. I will say one thing at this time. All of these items help me feel safe and prepared to handle almost any of my daily tasks, and situations I may not be expecting. The best way to describe my involvement with EDC is compared to the feeling a guy gets when he is halfway through his day, reaches down for his wallet, and realizes it is not there. That little moment of shock happens to me the moment I forget one of these items.

So why would anybody consider having a consistent EDC? The products that I carry are nothing more to me than tools. I don’t necessarily have an emotional or sentimental connection to any of them, but I do prefer certain products over others for various reasons. A tool is a device used to carry out a particular function. This is where the profession comes in to play. Golfers have a variety of clubs, all with a particular function. Police officers have different items on their duty belts for the same reason. When it comes to EDC, you really have to expect the unexpected in my opinion, and if you don’t have the gear for the job, then you won’t be able to handle the situation. The two things I need to be successful for any circumstance are tools and training. You should have EDC that compliments your life. If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. My preparation starts every day before I even walk out of the door.

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