Washington Center Internship Presentation in the Great Hall

A representative from the Washington Center will be doing a special presentation for Honors College students in the Great Hall on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 from 6-7 p.m.

Cook Honors College students have participated in the TWC every year for as long as I can remember. Please plan to attend if you are interested in pursuing an internship in the DC. There are generous scholarship opportunities available as a result of the affiliation between IUP and TWC, and Achievement Funding may also support your participation.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is an independent, nonprofit organization serving hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and other countries by providing selected students challenging opportunities to work and learn in Washington, D.C. for academic credit. The largest program of its kind, The Washington Center has 70 full-time staff and more than 50,000 alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  Visit their website at http://www.twc.edu/.

Send me an email (kevinb@iup.edu) if you plan to attend, so I can track interest.


Red-Flag Poetry

Red-Flag Poetry is a small, locally-founded poetry journal, unique in publishing one poem per month on a postcard delivered to your mailbox. We are proudly supported by the English Department at IUP, and through their generosity, it’s free for anyone with an IUP email address!

How do you sign up? Go over to redflagpoetry.com, and click on  subscribe. Fill out the form, and if you use an IUP email, you will  not receive an invoice. Instead, you’ll start getting poems the  following month for free. You can sign up for six months or a year,  and as long as you renew your subscription with an active IUP email  address, you can continue to receive new and innovative work every  month.

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