Sharpening Your Photoshop Skills

As you continue taking different Communication classes, it can be difficult to keep your previous skills sharp. There are plenty of side projects you can do to keep your photoshop skills sharp.

You can make your own logo. You’re going to need one at some point, you can work on it slowly on your own time. This will keep your skills sharp as well as building your logo. This way, your logo can evolve as your branding does.

You can make your own posters. If there is a movie or show you would like a better poster for, you can make it yourself! This can potentially help you make money selling prints on sites like Redbubble or Etsy. You can put them on your portfolio as well!

You can even make memes to keep your skills sharp. They might not be good for a portfolio, but they will give your friends a laugh.

There are tons of fun side projects you can do to keep your Photoshop skills sharp. What do you want to Photoshop?

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