Sharpening Your Scriptwriting Skills

Scriptwriting can be overwhelming and difficult, but some scriptwriting is required for projects. There are easy ways to practice scriptwriting and improve your skills.

The formating of scripts can be complicated. If your classes allow it, the website Celtix is free and will help you format different script types. They allow three free scripts on the website. However, if you download the app, you can go around this rule and make smaller file scripts.

A good way to get used to typing scripts is to write one for any project involving audio and/or video. This will help you stay on track as well as plan out what you are going to say in your project.

You can write a short film or an episode of a show with your friends! Bouncing ideas off each other can be so much fun and you’ll have a memory to share. You can switch who types it out, or create one with your non-communication major friends to sharpen your skills!

If you’ve had a movie or TV show idea for a while, type it out! If you don’t want to share it, you don’t have to. You can sharpen your scriptwriting skills and document your good ideas.

Sharpening your scriptwriting skills is great for projects or future jobs and can be fun and creative! What scripts are you going to make?

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