Monday June 19th, 2017

Do you ever think too far into the future? Is there such a thing as “thinking too far ahead?”

Recently, I’ve felt like my mind has been set on my future. I always ask myself, “Where am I going to end up after I graduate college next spring 2018?” I know where I’d like to be. I know what environment makes me happy. Thanks to the internship I’m currently working with, I’ve learned that I want to work in sports. I want to be developing content for a sports teams social media, in-game video boards, and for a game-day production. My days are long but the time flies by. I enjoy every second that I’m here and I very rarely have nothing to do.

My problem is, however, I work myself up over these future goals and plans, and I’m worried things might not pan out the way I’m imagining them.

So coming back to my original question. Is there such a thing as “thinking too far ahead?”

Even though I’m doing it myself, I would still say the answer is NO! In my opinion there isn’t such an idea of thinking too far into the future. It’s always a good idea to have goals set and have future plans to work towards. Your plan may not always work out exactly as planned but as long as you keep working towards your goal you’ll find happiness at your work place at some point.

There may even be a time when you steer off your original desired career path and end up finding something you like doing even better then before! You must always keep your head up and have an open mind. Allowing new opportunities to help you grow into a spectacular employee!


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