Gamestop Is Up For Sale

Well, well, well. How the tables have turned. Various news sites have reported that GameStop, the most popular video game retailer, is looking to be bought out. After years of people like myself have tried to get decent deals out of selling old games to GameStop, the giant needs a bailout to stay alive. Memes abound have been posted about what people could put down to buy the company. “Best I could do is $5.45,” says a Twitter user on the matter. “$4.25,” says another.

It is a known fact that digital game sales have been on the incline while the complete opposite can be said about physical copies. The rise of the digital age has not been kind to these types of retailers in the gaming industry. Although, they have tried to accommodate the changes by servicing digital game codes and like, it is obvious the service is dying a slow death. Microsoft and other cloud-computing firms have researched a way to bring cloud streaming to video games. For those that do not know about this concept, it is basically the concept of streaming a game, like Netflix does movies, to a device and playing it without having to buy a console. If this is done relatively soon, GameStop and others like it will become obsolete.

Until then, I will sit here and laugh as the company looks to be bailed out. If you had to put down money to buy out GameStop, what would you offer? Give your “best price” in the comments below. Just to let you all know, best I can do is about $3.50.

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