Going Tech Free

I could not help using the technology though I decided not to use. Technology has become part and parcel of our present life and controls a lot of things directly and indirectly. My story is as follows:

I thought of going tech free on the last Saturday (Sep 25. 2016). So, on the Friday (Sep 24, 2016) night, I was planning for for Saturday and before going to sleep, I went to set the alarm on my clock. As soon as I went to set the alarm, I discovered the fact that I was using technology. Anyway, I got up from the bed with the help of the alarm clock and decided not to use anymore technology on that day. However, suddenly in the morning the blind of our window broke down and was not closing properly. So, I had to call the emergency maintenance service of the apartment though I decided not to use the cell phone. I also thought of not using the computer on that day. However, on my mobile screen, I saw that my GA Professor- Dr. Resa Bizzaro had sent me an urgent email asking me meet her. I had to reply to her email to confirm that I have received her email and I would like to meet her on time. So, I had to use my laptop to send her the email. I also thought of not using my bike on that day as I thought bike is also a technology. But all on a sudden I had to go out for a quick shopping in the Martin and in order to save the time I had to use my bike. Therefore, it was not at all possible for me to go tech free even for a few hours let alone a full day. So, I find that Marshall McLuhan is right on his point that we have become dependent on the use of technology in our every day life in this modern era.


  1. Yeah, better safe than sorry. For certain things like your GA work, it is inevitable to depend on technology.

  2. You made a good effort brother!

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