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My name is Rich Kulbacki. I’m 34 years old, and I’ve been a Professional Financial Advisor since the fall of 2015. I also currently attend IUP where I am finishing up my degree in General Studies. Before that, I had a career in banking that lasted 10 years, and a short career as a touring musician. I believe that my experience on both sides of the financial industry, as well as my other life experiences, have given me a different perspective on how I approach my current clients’ needs due to the philosophy I’ve developed during the last 13 years. I have a wife and daughter that mean the world to me. I love to read, play and listen to music, and enjoy giving back to my community by giving my time to local organizations like Habitat for Humanity where I serve as President of the Board of Directors of our local affiliate, and my church where I am a cantor.

In my years in the financial industry, I’ve worked with folks who range from bankrupt and starting over, to millionaires who have a fully funded financial plan. The one common theme that I come across in my everyday work is that my clients, no matter their position on the spectrum, wish that they had started making informed financial decisions earlier in their lives and started working with a professional who could help guide them in the right direction. Financial education in the United States isn’t what it used to be and, even if it were, the financial landscape is continuously evolving. I take immense pride in helping my clients navigate that landscape by educating them about sound financial decision making and the impact that it can make on their future and that of their children and community.

Accomplishments During Working Career:

First Commonwealth Bank

•Awarded CPS of the Month: 2014 – March, April, July, December
•Awarded CPS of the Quarter: 2014: 2nd Quarter, 4th Quarter
•Awarded CPS of 1st Half of 2014

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