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Hello there! My name is Nick Marofsky. A Communications Media major in my 3rd year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. For my semester project, I decided to do a public relations program on the 75th anniversary of Jeep. I chose to do this program because Jeeps are by far my favorite car brand. I thought it would make this extremely daunting project a little bit easier, if it was about something you were interested in. Before this project I knew a lot about Jeep. I knew the brand started in my hometown of Butler Pennsylvania. I also knew the vehicle was made to be an army vehicle in the second world war. Basic things like that about the company I knew just from being a fan of the brand. After doing some research I started to uncover some really neat things I had never known before. Like how the Jeep was the standard mail truck for the United States Postal Service for over 30 years! Little facts like that tend to really amaze me.

I plan to set up a couple of events over the course of the summer to raise awareness of the rich history of the Jeep. I will be doing these events all in the town of Butler, PA where the first Jeep was born. Events such as car shows, auctions, and street clean ups will give the brand a good name, while also getting people more aware of the rich history. The history of this company is very important to them. It has the most coveted history out of every other car brand ever made. Many decorated military personals have said the jeep was the biggest contribution America gave in the war. With a history like that, it is hard not to brag about it. To raise awareness of the rich history of the Jeep, we will also be holding a presentation about it during our Jeep Days. This will be an hour-long presentation/Q&A that will give the community an opportunity to learn about every Jeep has accomplished.

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