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Going Tech Free

on September 27, 2016

On September 25 (Sunday) I accepted Dr. Pagnucci’s tech-free day challenge. Overall I did pretty well, but found that there were certain technologies I could not live without even for several hours. I needed to communicate with a few people through Viber and text. Other than those few exceptions, I refrained from using my phone and the internet. I also had to check my IUP email for feedback on a class project. ¬†After an hour, I discovered that I had made my coffee using technology, listened to the radio, and that I needed to watch the Steelers game on TV. I would give myself a B- on this assignment. I did journal throughout the day, longhand, and filled five pages with my thoughts on the experiment. This challenge was like working with an addiction or fasting, resisting urges to pick up, and thinking of new ways to achieve the same purpose without using technology. My dependence became quite obvious to me right away, although it was only a few things I just couldn’t do without. For instance, I had to drive from Pittsburgh to Punxsutawney and I listened to the radio in the car. Driving in silence is bad for my anxiety! Not using my phone and the internet became somewhat nerve racking as I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering what I was missing or what messages I wasn’t getting during those 12 hours when I gave my most sincere effort. The long term impact was my deeper appreciation for those technologies that have become a part of my daily routine. I also considered the word “NEED” and what I actually needed. Instead of texting my mom when I left her house, I wrote her a note by hand. This is an example of my finding a way around technology. In the evening, I wanted hot tea and music, but went without. In a sense I was able to relax, but at the same time felt preoccupied by what I was NOT able to do. I recommend that everyone try this experiment because it can be really eye-opening.

6 Responses to “Going Tech Free”

  1. BSH08 says:

    Lara this is so spot on! I absolutely NEEDED music while driving to Punxsy; I was annoyed that I had to drive in silence, but it helped me acknowledge my surroundings more (not that I don’t acknowledge them when driving, I was just more cognizant). I too, had some slip-ups with going tech-free. I had to check the time and check my email regarding an assignment. Going tech-free for a day is definitely something that is equivalent to fasting…I have altered my fast for one reason or another (Cheez-its are so delicious). Great Post!!!

  2. J says:

    When you lose one thing, you get another.^^

  3. Zhigang Bai says:

    A car is also technooology..

  4. Sukanto Roy says:

    Thank you very much for such a nice post. It is really very interesting.
    Everybody loves you!



  5. nytv says:

    I agree Lara you did well!I did not even try because I cannot!

  6. Mohamed Yacoub says:

    nice response Lara!

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