July 17th Post

File path of templates for uploading contact lists.


Today I clocked in and checked email. I also made sure that eTime was up to date and that I knew the number of hours remaining to be done for my internship. A major thing I accomplished today was refining the distribution system for the PA media contact lists.

I also drew upon my experiences as an over-the-phone technician and called newspapers serving Adams County. I observed that the people I spoke with were quite friendly and willing to provide the information I was after. Moving forward, Stephanie and I are hoping to meet for a demonstration of the contact distribution system I learned about for Outlook.


  • 9:11-11:23 (132min)
  • 11:57-2:36 (159min)
  • 8:04-8:28 (24min)
  • 9:20-9:34 (project work) (14min)
  • 9:34-10:47 (73min)
  • 12:19-1:12 (53min)

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