Blog #13 The brighter parts of my picture have lost detail. What would i be able to do to fix that?

This is what’s normally alluded to as ‘blown highlights’. As we can’t re-present detail that has been lost during the time spent the picture being captured, especially if shooting JPEG instead of Raw, the perfect method to maintain a strategic distance from such an issue is to prevent it occurring in any case, by which we mean focusing on your camera’s histogram, the on-screen chart which features the general brilliance of your picture/scene.

Preferably, you need to be taking a look at an even distribution, as opposed to seeing the realistic portrayal grouping up to one side or the other of the screen in a thin, limited band. In the event that it shows up as though the picture will be over-exposed, you can alter the camera’s exposure to suit, dialing it down, say to – 1 EV, and seeing what impact that has on resulting shots.

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