So, You Aren’t Talking About Gaming?

Cheat Codes. Have you heard of them?

And no, I’m not talking about the things you go online and look for when you want to beat a game. I’m talking about an American electronic DJ trio. Who might be in this trio? Well, Cheat Codes trio consists of Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford, and Matthew Russel.

I for one, I have been a fan of them since their song “No Promises” came out featuring the one and only, Demi Lovato. I will be honest with you after that song come out and I gave it a good listen for months, I kind of forgot about them. I know, I’m the worst but it happens. Let’s go forward in time to about a couple weeks ago when I’m driving home from my brother’s house listening to my music in my car. I throw on the Now Charting radio station on my Apple Music through my cars Bluetooth and I come upon a song called “Feeling of Falling” and let me tell you, I fell for this song.  I love DJ’s because their sound is so much different from the songs that you hear on the radio. In the weeks that this sound has been downloaded, I wouldn’t be surprised if I have listened to this song over 100 times.

Cheat Codes is all about the beats and making it unique and to me that definitely did that. I don’t think there is a song that they have produced that has sounded like something I have already heard. This is also a fun fact, most of the songs that you know and love, usually have the same beats either slowed down or spun up. For example, listen to the songs, “No One” by Alicia Keys and “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry. If you listen closely, both songs have the same beat. I learned this a few years back when I took singing lessons. It was crazy to me that people do that, but it definitely happens.

Anyways, back to Cheat Codes. This trio continues to help grow in the community of electronic music which I get to love more and more every day because all the artist in this genre are amazing but for Cheat Codes, they aren’t as mainstream as DJ’s like Zedd and Calvin Harris. I think it is because people on really tend to listen to DJ’s when they have well-known artists singing to the beats that they are making. It is sad to think about, but I personally think that is the reason. This, although, doesn’t stop me from loving them and supporting them.

Go listen to Cheat Codes and send your love to them. Let them know you are listening because you like or love the stuff they make not just because someone well-known is attached to it. You can do this by first listening to them on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTuber. You can then head over to their social media to show them some love.

Who’s your favorite DJ and why? Let me know down below in the comments!

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