It Comes and Goes in Waves!

Dean Lewis. Have you heard of him?

You may or may not know this 31-year-old Australian man. My guesses are most likely not because I just discovered him not too long ago but if you are someone that does know him, let me know down below what was the song that made you decide to listen to him? I am actually going to give you my answer right now.

Quick back story. My sister, Kaysie, and I have the same Apple account. So, whatever song I add, she gets and vice versa. Kaysie added the song “Waves” and “Be Alright” by mister Dean Lewis and I didn’t really think anything of it. For the most part, I usually don’t listen to the music that my sister adds because normally I’m caught up in a song that I have on repeat for literal months. Anyways, one day I was looking through the songs that were recently added and decided to listen to “Be Alright.” The song was a jam so, I decided to see what other songs by him were on my phone and this is where “Waves” comes in. I don’t know what it is about this song but after I listened to it once, I couldn’t turn it off. At this very moment, as I’m typing this, I have played this song over 500 times. 500. That’s how much I love it.

It baffles me how Dean Lewis hasn’t become a mainstream artist already. I do feel like he might be getting to that point because his song, “Be Alright” does get played on the radio quite a bit but like I’ve pointed out that doesn’t really do a ton of people aren’t looking him up to see what other songs he is making.

It’s just crazy sometimes because as I keep writing these, I don’t know if I’m the crazy one in think that everyone literally on this Earth needs to be heard or everyone else is crazy because they aren’t giving these people a chance. I’m going to go with probably a little bit of both. When you are passionate about something, like I am with music, it’s hard not to sound crazy about something that you love so much. All I want is for people to give Dean Lewis’ music a listen to and just see what I’m going on and on about.

As I always suggest, give Dean Lewis a listen via Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube.

Also comment down below something that you are extremely passionate about? Stuff like that makes me understand how some people work!


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