A British Country Singer? Say What!?

James Taylor-Watts. Have you heard of him?

You better know him from his stage name James TW. Or you may not know him at all. Let’s talk about who this man is.

James is a 21-year-old from Barford, Warwickshire, England who is a singer-songwriter. His music would fit in the pop and country genres. Listening to his music, I would have never known that his music would be put into the country genre because for me, I feel like that kind of music has that certain twang to it. But listening to his music more and more, you can kind of get that country vibe.

James TW is another British artist that I just had to add to my list of artists that I believe deserve to be heard.

James TW is an artist that I just stumbled upon while listening to a random playlist of Spotify. To be honest, Spotify is a great place to find people you have probably never heard of before. I know the people that I’m going to be added to this list, the majority of them were discovered on there.

Anyways, James TW’s music is super underrated, and his songs just have so much meaning to them. Once again, it’s relatable. I believe his music hasn’t become mainstream is the fact that just no one knows him. I know, if you have read some of my previous blogs, I probably have said the same thing about them, and you are probably thinking that isn’t the only reason why people don’t listen. You could totally be right, and I know I can’t speak for everyone but in my opinion, out of the artists that I have already done, Jon Bellion and Anne-Marie, James TW is the only one so far that I haven’t heard a single song on the radio. I know being on the radio has nothing to do with how successful your career is because I know artists that are doing just fine, and their music isn’t on the radio. I am from the United States so I can’t really speak on the United Kingdom and the rest of the world because for all I know his music could be a huge thing over there. But nevertheless, I still believe James TW’s music should be given a chance.

Just like all the others, the way to solve this problem is just giving him a listen. You may hate or you may love it. that is your own opinion, but I would love to hear what you think down below and maybe give me some more suggestions on who I should listen too.

Head over to Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube to check out his music.



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