Who is Anne-Marie?

Anne-Marie. Have you heard of her?

Just like any other artist, you may know her, or you may not. Which is okay. There are so many artists in this world that we all haven’t heard of but today, I want to introduce you to one that I personally believe deserves to have people know about.

Anne-Marie is a 27-year-old born in East Tilbury, United Kingdom, who has a lot to show for herself.

You may know her from her hit singles, “FRIENDS” and “Alarm.”

Anne-Marie is one of those singers that is so relatable to her audience and isn’t afraid to share her life experiences through her music.

Just like Jon Bellion, who I wrote about in a previous blog, Anne-Marie makes her music in a way that when others listen to the words that she is singing, they can relate to it.

I don’t know about you, but when I find a song that I can find a time where I was in the same situation or experience something along the lines of what they are singing, I tend to like their music even more.

For me, I knew who Anne-Marie was from her hit singles, but I never actively wanted to go check out her other music. What made me change my mind was the fact that she was going to Pittsburgh opening up for Ed Sheeran. Like I said, I knew who she was but never really listened to her music. When it comes to concerts, I’m that girl that will look up the setlist and go listen to the songs that they will be singing on Apple Music or Spotify. Just like any concert, I did that with Anne-Marie’s setlist and fell in love with every song she was performing that I got so excited that I was about to see her in concert.

Think of who your favorite artist is and try to remember what made you decide to listen to them in the first place. I know for me, Anne-Marie has become one of my favorites and I’m not sure if I would have given her a chance if she didn’t open up for Ed Sheeran. This whole concept makes you think because at one point, an artist was unknown to the world and maybe only several thousands of people only knew who they were. Which is a lot of people but compared to those who are more mainstream, that is very little.

Anne-Marie is making music from the heart and she’s real. Her music to me reminds me that she’s most likely the same person as she was when she first started. She makes me feel that she hasn’t lost that passion and she hasn’t forgotten where she came from. She makes me feel like she is just like the rest of us and she shows that through her music.

Anne-Marie, I believe, isn’t as mainstream as I would hope is because of the fact that she’s not from the U.S. Hear me out. A lot of people believe that you need to have your music make it all the way to the U.S. for people to know who you are. Which for the record I don’t believe but if you look at what people are listening to and what makes it on the charts, are artists from the U.S. I also believe that just because you aren’t on the Billboard-100 doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it just means people haven’t discovered you yet.

Anne-Marie makes awesome music and there are so many outlets at the tip of our fingers that can help us discover her. Just like any artist look them up on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. She’s one click away from having more and more people like her music.

Let me ask you this, who else do you listen to that you believe deserves to be in the spotlight?

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