Inside the world of Jon Bellion.

Jon Bellion. Have you heard of him?
Some may say yes, while others may have never heard of this man in their entire life. For those who haven’t heard of him, let me give you a little introduction.
Jon Bellion is a 27-year-old American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer who grew up in Lake Grove, New York. Bellion has come out with various mixtapes as well as two albums, “The Human Condition” and “Glory Sound Prep.”
Bellion is one of those artists that has a unique way of making his music relatable with his words but with also the way his whole album tells a coherent story that you actually understand. I think Bellion isn’t as mainstream as he should be because I believe people are so used to the music that is broadcasted on the radio, that they have a hard time stepping out of that comfort zone. I’m not saying this is true for everyone, but for some, they don’t like to see change. I also believe Bellion isn’t as mainstream is because he’s one of those artists that has that one song that people just LOVE and will listen to it over and over again but kind of forget about the others that are on his albums. I am guilty of this and it happens. Especially for him, I get all excited when I hear his song on the radio and tell myself that maybe this is it, people will finally get to hear him and get why I fell in love with him in the first place. I got to remember though, that the song that is playing on the radio, is the same song that I listened too over and over while forgetting about all the other amazing songs on his albums.
There are ways that we can get people like Bellion to become as mainstream as someone like Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift. I think if we give more attention to his other songs that we just forget about or even just telling others about him, more and more of his music will get out there to the world.
By all means, I am not saying that Bellion isn’t successful. This man is successful enough that he goes around on tour to spread his music to the world. Bellion isn’t the type to let the fame go to his head. He loves music as much as he loves his family and made that decision to stay close to them while he produces music.
Jon Bellion is a man that we should all get to know.
If you are interested in hearing his music to better understand what I am talking about, head over to Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to listen to his new album “Glory Sound Prep.”
After you take a listen, comment down below and tell me which song was your favorite!

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