New Useful Digital Collab App!!

Hi friends, today I just discovered a new and GREAT tool to help develop your digital art collages on your phone or laptop. This app is called Enlight Photofox and can be found on the iOS app store. Other apps are just as useful, but this takes everything you need for digital collages and makes it easier to meld and edit all in one area. It’s unique in that all you need to do is upload the pictures for your project, and creatively edit them to how you feel. It’s faster, easier, and more productive. The biggest tool that I find helpful is the background remover tool, to slide in whatever picture you want in that place. Other apps are more likely to remove part of a person’s body (i.e. their hand, leg, etc.) when trying to automatically edit out the background. This app utilizes smarter technology to choose what to edit out and around of.

Download this app and use it today! Team work makes the dream work, my friends, and I’m glad to share this information with you!

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