Photographing Objects in Motion

Camera blur was one of the biggest issues that I had when first starting out with athletic photography. The people I was trying to photograph were moving so fast that I didn’t know how to focus on them for the smooth picture I wanted. Earlier in my blog, I’ve talked about the exposure triangle and how it works in a camera. This post includes some of this information as they both tie in together.

So when photographing an athlete or athletic event, it’s important to have your shutter speed at a lower fraction. This means the shutter is opening and closing as fast as the fraction indicates, relative to one second. If a fast shutter speed is selected while on continuous shooting mode, the chances of getting that ideal photograph are incredibly high.

I primarily photograph skateboarders and basketball players, but the options are limitless with the right knowledge of the craft. Was this post helpful? Is there anything else you would like me to include? Do you have any ideas for another informational blog post? Leave the comments below, friends, and remember that team work makes the dream work.

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