Technological Literacy Discussion Questions

1. What values and beliefs have your experiences with technology taught you?

  • value of the new (Sukanto)
  • the importance of commercial technology purchases (Sukanto)
  • value of the tangible; we like to be able to hold things in our hands;¬†polaroid pictures¬†(Amal)
  • demand to keep up/match the pace of technology (Nouf)
  • we value how we learn first; book vs. screen reading (Saeed)
  • technology requires access to equipment (Zhigang)
  • technology is transformational; it rewrites the world by adding new things/ideas to it (Lara)
  • technology promotes freedom of expression, but often lacks civility (Daewoo)
  • bridge communication between people (email to talk across the globe)
  • teaches us who the other is (lets people meet/interact with them)
  • technology will make us lazy and weak (Amal’s grandma)
  • we don’t tend to trust technology–things can disappear, so we prefer print

2. What roles/functions does technology play in our society/world?

creates stress vs. making life easier

who has control, who benefits, who makes money off this? profit gainers



we can’t function without it; fills our daily routines

Postman: worship of technology


writing is a technology that changes thought

humans are tool makers–that’s what makes us human


virtual environments–do they mirror real world society or change it?

technology shifts what is possible–verbal communication vs. calling vs. writing vs. texting

3. What theory of technology explains the role you see technology fulfilling?


4. What sort of literacy is needed in this technological era?


5. What are the characteristics of a technologically literate person?

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