Going Tech Free

  • How successful were you at going Tech/Literacy free for a day?

“The only time I can go tech-free is when I am sleeping.” (Mohammed)


“I got up from the bed with the help of the alarm clock and decided not to use anymore technology on that day. However, suddenly in the morning the blind of our window broke down and was not closing properly. So, I had to call the emergency maintenance service of the apartment though I decided not to use the cell phone.” (Sukatano)

  • What was the hardest thing about trying to go Tech/Literacy free?

many devices require internet for use

  • How did your friends/family respond to you do the task?

My wife “thought it was an interesting idea to leave things for one day to start again with clear mind and to be with the family.” (Saeed)

  • What was the short term impact on you of doing this task?

improves our ability to focus

“After two hours’ no Internet challenge, I came to find how frequently I checked imail for unnecessary reasons. I used to check imail very frequently, which distracted me. By not frequently checking imail, I felt that I could concentrate on my study a bit more.” (Jun)


“Unexpectedly, I recalled a conversation that I had with my father regarding the internet. It was strange to remember such a conversation. Obviously, my brain was digging on my memories to investigate how the internet was introduced within the context of Saudi Arabia and the territory of our family home.” (Nouf)

  • Was there any long term impact on you?
  • Did going Tech/Literacy free cause you to get more physically active or less? Why?

I showered and prepared for my commute to my assistantship in silence. I use the term silence because I have a small Bluetooth speaker that I use to listen to music while getting dressed. This was difficult because I am so used to listening to music while getting dressed for the day. However, I sang my favorite songs instead. I have to work on the lyrics to quite a few of them. (Brittany)


“I got more involved in physical exercise. When I finished my reading and assignment, I just did some Chinese physical exercise which will do good to my back pain.” (Zhigang)

  • What did you miss the most while you were going Tech/Literacy free?

“I felt that I would missing some important messages or emails.” (Amal)

” It was as though I had been addicted to the Internet (or imail).” (Jun)

“After an hour, I discovered that I had made my coffee using technology, listened to the radio, and that I needed to watch the Steelers game on TV. I would give myself a B- on this assignment. I did journal throughout the day, longhand, and filled five pages with my thoughts on the experiment. This challenge was like working with an addiction or fasting, resisting urges to pick up, and thinking of new ways to achieve the same purpose without using technology. My dependence became quite obvious to me right away, although it was only a few things I just couldn’t do without.” (Lara)

online storage has become a way of life

music–the background to our life

“Resisting my snow-balling paranoia that I should be missing something very important without checking email.” (Daewoo)

  • What did you miss the least?
  • I asked you to keep a simple journal about your experiences. Please review those entries and discuss something of interest that you wrote down.
  • Overall, what did you think of this experience?

Deleuze about “The Societies of Control” “my life is even more controlled because/ through technologies” (Moussa)–Technology controls our thinking and way of living.

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