Defining Literacy

  • What is literacy?

to read and reflect on what you read

art–to read and liberate one’s mind from stereotypes/shackles of misconception

background knowledge and knowledge of theory or practice

or knowledge?


ability to understand complex ideas

ability to interpret the text (Freire)

read the world and the word

mastery of secondary discourse systems

understanding of rhetoric

does literacy lead to action?

functional literacy–skill to read and write

is our being a kind of literacy?

how do we educate people to a given level of literacy


  • What is illiteracy?

what if you can’t write/read–graffiti to be part of the community

illiteracy marginalizes people

if we don’t take action, are we illiterate

illiteracy could be caused by disability

  • What are the characteristics of a literate person?

power–the typewriter gave power

have a voice



let’s others enjoy their freedom

a literate person is still controlled

are literate people less happy


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