As everyone should know the world is going through something it has never gone through before. This is due to a pandemic that has caused many if not all lives to change. This has been a very difficult time for many people, and I believe that people need to keep their heads up and have better spirits. 

In the page labeled “videos,” you will see that I am dressed as I would be for Christmas. This could seem silly, but there is more meaning to why I was wearing what I was. Christmas is a time for spreading joy to the world and I believe we need that now. As a world, we need to stick together. As a community, we need to stick together. The world can be a better and happier place if we all work together. 

It is especially important to take care of ourselves and one another at times. Being cautious and washing our hands are always necessary. Taking the extra step to be safe and cautious goes a long way. This could be things such as: going to the store for your grandparents, wiping down groceries, washing clothes after being out, etc. Those things together will help keep each other safe and to help stop the virus. As mental health has had a huge impact on people, make sure to check up on people in your life. A simple “How are you” can go a long way. 

It is one thing to be happy with yourself and to be happy with others in the world. The more friendly people are to each other the better. Being nice to people can relieve stress for them and make their days better. Spread positivity to everyone and anyone that you can. Make a difference!


If you are looking for more ways to spread positivity check out this blog in the link below with a list of 15 different ways to do so.


Thank you for reading my blog. Please share my post and let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!

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