No matter what anyone does in their life or career they will have their own voice in what they say or do.  It is important to separate yourself from other people.

Here are tips to help with your own voice:

 1. Write

There is no other way to find who you are or what your opinions are without thinking about it and writing it down.  

Whether it is a script for a movie or writing a story about a sporting event, a voice matters. 

2. Use your experience 

Using your own experience puts more knowledge into your words.  The more you have to say the more interested your viewers are going to be.  There are things that people do that no one has ever heard of and when that person tells that story… everyone listens.

3. Trust yourself

You cannot do anything without trusting yourself and believing in yourself.  If you trust yourself then you already have the power to do whatever you want with your words.  You have to back yourself up with your main ideas and if you believe in yourself, then that is half the battle.  

4. Pay attention to your feelings

The way you feel goes along with the way you speak.  This could be speaking to someone in person or just through writing.  Your opinion may be different from everyone, but you are not everyone.  

5. Take Risks

When you are choosing what to write about go out of your comfort zone.  This allows you to get a feel for a new experience and see how you react.  The words you want to say and how you want to go about the story is all about YOU and figuring out yourself.  

Your voice matters.  If you are on camera for the news or writing an article for the newspaper, someone out there is reading and/or listening to what you have to say.  The way you voice yourself is the way people will see you.

Take action and find your own voice if you have not already


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