Rapper Big Sean recently sent out a tweet apologizing to his fans for the cancellation of his upcoming tour. Just earlier today in a interview with ‘Billboard’ Big Sean revealed that depression and anxiety are part of the reason he decided to cancel his ‘Unfriendly Reminder Tour’. Sean reaffirmed his commitment to staying in the studio until his next album is as strong as possible, saying he “had some things to work out in my head…I never really took the time out to nurture myself, to take care of myself. It took me a lot of depression [and] having a lot of anxiety to realize something was off,” he explained. “I’ve been getting myself together, getting my mind right. So I have been taking better care of myself and…not only am I bringing my best self to the music but I’m bringing my best self to the table, to my city, to my fans, to the people who are about me.” Depression is a real thing that people deal with on their own all too often. Kanye West also canceled a tour mid-way through because he claimed he was experiencing extreme anxiety. It was later discovered that he was bipolar. So for Big Sean, I hope that the people who are close to him take this serious and are in his corner when he needs them because depression is no joke. And it just goes to show that all the money in the world could never buy happiness or sanity. I think that these kinds of things should be talked about regularly, you have to use every opportunity you get to speak on the matter. When something happens to a celebrity its always  “news”. I hope that Big Sean’s situation will hopefully spark a conversation so that those in need can get some help. I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents on the matter as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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