Today an incident occurred in Atlanta involving rapper Trippie Redd and a female victim. Trippie who is a recent signee to the the quality control label which features artists like the Migos and Cardi B was arrested earlier today (June 12) on one count of aggravated assault and one count of causing substantial physical harm. Now this is Trippie’s second arrest as in little as two weeks as he was in fact arrested two weeks ago when a fight broke out at FDM Grady’s house in Cobb County, Georgia. His charges for this incident were one count of fighting, one count of simple battery, and one count of trespassing. Ironically enough today was the drop of the XXL freshman list for 2018, which Trippie is one of the featured freshman and on a day were he should have been celebrating that achievement he will spend a night in Fulton County Jail. The female who was involved in the altercation released a video on instagram in which she stated that Tripped pistol whipped her after she had shared a few heated words with his girlfriend. Now if you ask me this type of behavior doesn’t deserve to be praised it deserves to be thrown in the garbage. Though I know that wont happen because somewhere this new generation has gotten lost. I can bet my last dollar that Trippie will post a video when he is released from jail that will get close to a million hits, probably drop a song, and the best part of all the girls will still adore him. I really don’t know where the switch flipped in the industry but I hope someone come save it quick. I know I can’t be alone in felling this way either. I’m sure the people would like to leave their two cents as well, so do send this thread and circulate the CURRENT-cy.

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