Sailing Certification

The IUP Sailing Club is open to interested students with no experience.  We offer the chance to learn sailing skills for certified, volunteer instructors. If you attend shore-school and join us on the water for “Learn to Sail” sessions, you can get learn how to sail and prove it!  Compared to the cost of classes at a sailing school, your $20 dues are a bargain!

We use the US Sailing small Boat Level 1 curriculum.  You should borrow a club copy of the US Sailing text Learn Sailing Right.
Here is a summary of the skills we test:
When you have learned and can demonstrate all the requirements, we will sign off your “Little Red Book.”  At that point, you will be qualified to sail our IUP club boats without an instructor present.   If you choose to do so, you can also join US Sailing and get an official card recognizing your certification level.


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