Privacy Presentations in the Library

This morning, visitors to the library were educated on a range of topics dealing with privacy. Dr. Perry’s Political Science 111 classes brought their classroom to the library, presenting posters on chosen topics.


Many of the posters dealt with the impact of the 4th Amendment in regards to privacy while online. One student described laws covering privacy online as, “something that was never stated, because who would have known that technology¬†was going to be where it is today, but something we’ve come to expect.”

Social media, the usage of specific apps, and just how private we all are, or aren’t, made up the majority of the posters. According to a student who focused primarily on Snapchat, “There’s the idea that the photo you take on Snapchat will be gone after ten seconds, but actually it exists in a server and will eventually be deleted, but it’s more permanent than you may think.”

Other topics for consideration included the lack of privacy concerning what future employers have access to once it’s been posted online. “The expectation of having privacy concerning employer access is actually really low,” one student studying criminology stated.






So what do you think about privacy, or the lack thereof, while online? Does data collection stop you from posting or using any applications? Why or why not?

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