Kodak the rapper trio feud with lil Wayne & his daughter

Today’s news, the rapper Kodak is a up tempo, very rambunctious and sometimes loud about his feelings, he recently went at one of the most infamous and lyrically artist lil Wayne. From his retrospective he was intoxicated while he went on a mini rant but quickly cleaned up what he said. Basically the way this seems to me is that Kodak wants his worth known to all and sometimes we say things out of context but to further go in depth about the two, Kodak went at the legend saying he was the best rapper alive then started to tweet other “trolling” statements … the way I look at it, he wanted some clout/recognition and somehow didn’t go about it to well. Apparently letting bygones be bygones the feud he had ended with him issuing a apology. He definitely gave Wayne hella love when talking about the way he came up and stared his career. In all reality, Wayne didn’t really give care to much to comment because he still doesn’t know who Kodak is seemingly. His daughter came into play when Kodak said she was bald headed and from his words he didn’t say that, on live he said “nobody said that to that lil girl”. nobody ain’t say that too that lil girl I ain’t no peon, I ain’t no shordy”. The whole feud is wild to me but I’m no judge.

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