Trust is a very significant factor in a black girls life. Black girls have a hard time trusting because of past experience, different encounters they have had, people leaving out of their lives, unhealthy relationships with significant others, and the list continues.

When trying to let get to know some black girls, it may take longer for them to let you in. Black girls don’t always easily become friends with one another. It usually takes several attempts from each other for them start calling one another a friend. Females in general are more emotional creatures, so when we do finally let someone in, it means we care for that person.

With black girls finding it hard to trust, they have a hard time having successful relationships with people, whether it’s a friendship or a significant other.

Getting black girls to trust easier would mean that their past incidents causing her to not trust would have to be completely erased. In the mean time, we can try not being the ones who breaks her trust. We can allow for her to know that we are here. Let her know that you’re not going to leave her. Work towards building her up for future friendships or relationships.

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