Some black girls and their mothers have a hard time getting along. Some black mothers fail their black daughters by not teaching them standards, morals, and values. Some black mothers do teach standards, morals, and values; thus, they are ten times harder on them causing their daughters to resent them and rebel against them, especially in their teenage years.

Failing to do teach enough to your daughter will catch up with her in almost every aspect of her life. Being too hard on her will cause the mother-daughter relationship to drift. So, how do you find common ground with teaching her, but at the same time, not being this obnoxious parent?

Some moms have a hard time parenting their daughters because they want to be their daughters best friends. As a child, my mom told me that right now she is my mother, but when I become an adult then I’ll become mother and friend.

My mom always told me that I am a reflection of her! She taught me what I needed to know for life, but also allowed me to make my own decisions for my life. I am 26 years old and this is how our relationship continues to be and I can call her my best friend now that I am all grown up.

Black mothers have to step up and get ahold of their daughters. Talk to other mothers. Ask for advice. Most importantly talk to your daughters!

How can mothers and daughters get along? Please share opinions!