The good news is that black girls have the lowest rate for suicide, thus, suicide still takes place. The bad news that suicide is on the rise for the black community for ages 5-11 and 15-24. Suicide is not something that is always talked about in the black community.

Growing up I was told that suicide was a sin, and that if committed it would land me in Hell. Well that was enough to scare me out of my pants. When suicide is talked about in the black community, the conversation is often seen in a negative light, where no one understands. Most people think that suicide is a cry out for attention, or that a person is being selfish, but neither of these statements are true.

How do we keep black girls from committing suicide

We need to educate ourselves on what suicide actually is. Take threats of self-harm serious. Recognize those signs of depression. Get professional help for them. Suicide is serious, and if not educated on this subject correctly, we may miss the signs for suicidal thoughts with our children.

How else can we prevent suicide? Please feel free to comment.