As a Youth Development Specialist working with predominantly black girls in the Pittsburgh area, I have a strong, connected relationship my girls. My girls give so much attitude to me and I have not yet figured out a way to change that.

Our after school program is based on education, culture, building relationships, health and wellness, and much more. I am always wondering if my girls are getting this out of me. I have a hard time getting them to listen to me when it is time for them to do the lesson for the day. Whether its educational, group-like therapy, or a science experiment. My girls give me the most attitude. Being an authoritative figure of my age, when I was younger when an adult said to do something, I did it.

For a while black girls have been stereotyped to have attitudes and/or be aggressive. With these negative attitudes surfacing, it makes it difficult for educators and authoritative figures to reach that lesson for the day.

I think the problem with this starts at home. Parents have to stop allowing their children to give them negative attitude. Parents need to start teaching their children that respect for adults is a constant.

What do you think the problem is? Please share!