White girls who attend a suburban school are 2-3 times more likely to be given a chance for an athletic opportunity than black girls who attend Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS). All races of girls continue to have a lesser opportunity than males to play school sports. Thus, the opportunity for black girls is fewer than any other race.

The lack of resources and the lack of schools striving to create programs for them to engage in a physical sport are reasons as to why there is not much participation from black girls. Resources such as funding, enough participation from staff, and lack of equipment are examples of the resources that the schools struggle to obtain.

If the schools found a way to make more partnerships, apply for grants, gain more staff, then they may have what they need to get started to be able to offer sports to these girls. It may take an abundance of convincing, but the number will increase.

By offering athletic opportunities to black girls, we are preventing them from getting into trouble so easily. We are teaching them life skills such as, leadership, teamwork, and what it means to be responsible. We are helping them to remain healthy. Most importantly, it allows morals and values to be instilled into them, so that they may use it as a guidance tool for their lives.

What other examples can you give as to why more athletic opportunities should be given?