RTX is only 2 Weeks Away!

I am so excited to finally have the chance t go to RTX! For many of my readers who don’t know what RTX is, it is a convention held in Austin, Texas by a company called RoosterTeeth. It is a 3 day convention filled with booths, which could be selling items or providing information, panels to ask questions to the employees of RoosterTeeth and other various companies who will be attending, and displays of the newest and latest games and technology coming out.

This year, it will start on July 1st and run until the 3rd of July. As I have said in other posts, I would like to someday be employed by RoosterTeeth. They make such great content and make me laugh every single time I watch their videos, podcasts, or short films. Their sense of humor is right up my alley and that humor transfer to real life. It’s not just a “stage” act, and that is why I can’t wait to meet them in person.

The schedule has been posted on RoosterTeeth.com and on RTXevent.com for anyone who wants to see what the three days will entail. As I said before, there will be panels where the employees will talk to the fans and tell them about upcoming things they have planned and reveal new stuff to us that we didn’t know was being released. They have been known to take certain members from the crowd and interact with them, maybe by doing a quick Q&A after the panel is over.

I am also really looking forward to going because it will give me a chance to meet other RoosterTeeth fans . Meeting people who have the same interests as you do is one of the best things. Where I live and go to school at, there aren’t a lot of people, if any, that like what I like, it’s hard to connect with people. When I go to RTX, I will finally be with people who will accept me for who I am. This is a place of no judgement and everyone is free to be who they are. That is a place where i can not wait to go and will not want to leave.

Interested in going to RTX? Go to the links above and find out more! If you have any questions or insights, let me know in the comments below!

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