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Being a huge gamer, I love to know what’s going on in the gaming world. I usually try to look all over the Internet for different forums or blog about the latest news, but i somehow always end up on ThatVideoGameBlog! They always have up-to-date posts on all things related to video games and the platforms that surround the games.

One thing I love most about the site is that they have different pages for the multiple platforms of gaming(i.e. Xbox, PlayStation, PC) and different pages for their reviews on different types of equipment or games. The layout of the site is easy to follow and the look and feel of the site just flows.

They also include a Forum section where administrators and visitors of the site can participate in open discussions about the various topics surround the video game world. Anyone who is interested in knowing what is going on in the world of gaming and entertainment should always stop at!

I’ll leave a link below. Tell me what you guys think of the site!

That Video Game Blog

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