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Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the work week!

I have to be honest, I wore a plain black dress and plain flats to work today due to oversleeping and a lack of time to plan last night.

We all have those days though, right?

So instead of discussing something that relates to my outfit of the day, I decided to tackle another problem us ladies face when it comes to dressing for the work place.

The issue? Work clothes can be very UNCOMFORTABLE. The pants don’t fit right, the dresses are either too long or not long enough, and the shirts can be ridged and stiff.

So how do we solve this?

I think one of the key elements to my posts is trial and error. When I looked online for work pants, I ordered a pair from Asos.com, only to find that they fit me oddly and were very uncomfortable. After that I tried on many different pairs at many different store until I found the Pixie pan at Old Navy, which I had mentioned in my first post.

With tops, finding a shirt in a cotton blend or silk blend may feel better on than a wool blend or poly blend top.

When it comes to sweaters, buy soft and simple. No matter how cute that cardigan you saw in the window of Forever 21, if it’s itchy steer clear! Not worth it my friends.

Blazers are something that has to be well fitted or oversized in order to be comfortable in my personal opinion. Lucky for us, oversized blazers have been very in these last couple of seasons!

Links to some websites with stylish, affordable, and comfortable work wear can be found below!

J. Crew Factory: Great for well fitted blazers!

Old Navy: Great for comfy work pants!

Asos.com: Great for cute and flowy tops!


Where are your most comfortable work clothes from?

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