Corporate Color

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When attempting to pick out an outfit to wear to your day job, do you find the main colors you put lean towards the more neutral side? Me too.

Incorporating color into an otherwise monochromatic work wardrobe can be difficult, especially if you feel uncomfortable wearing bright or attention grabbing colors.

Maybe you have tried to wear a daring red pair of pants or a bright yellow blouse and felt out of place, vowing to never put another eye catching color on your person again. Or maybe you just have never been daring enough to try, always sticking with the traditional dark pants and neutral colored top.

But there are ways, my friends!

Today I was able to wear color without it being too much. If the bright colors are deterring you, try a lighter or pastel shade. It is summer after all! I chose to wear a light pink pair of dress pants today. They weren’t too much, but they still made a fun statement. Another way to incorporate a little color is through accessories! J.Crew’s factory website,, and all have affordable accessories that can add a pop to your ensemble.

Unfortunately, I was not able to capture a photograph of my outfit this morning, however I put together a similar outfit to what I wore today.

Similar pants can be found here!

A similar top can be found here!

Similar shoes can be found here!


How will you incorporate color into your work wear?


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