Moroccan Cuisine

What is unique about Moroccan cuisine?

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of various cultural, ethnic, and traditional backgrounds. It is mostly influenced by the Amazigh (Berber) culture, which is the indigenous culture of the country. In addition, it is shaped by the Arab-Islamic influence that brought more contributions to its recipes. More importantly, the African tradition played a great contribution to the Moroccan cuisine due to Moroccan roots deep in Africa in terms of geographical location and in terms of historical trade exchange and nomadic movements that the country has witnessed.

Moroccan meals use various containers that are made of pottery and the name of containers are the name of meals. So, the majority of the meals brought their names from the containers they get cooked in or the containers they are served in. This explains the value that utensils and especially dishes play in the Moroccan cuisine. They are very authentic, handmade, and made from scratch. So share, vote, and win!





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