Felons Post Prison

There is an immense amount of challenges prisoners face during their re-entry into society. Prisoners released on parole face many conditions that can be very difficult for newly released inmates. Many inmates have actually stated that they’d rather finish their entire sentence in prison than be released on parole. Some of the most common conditions of parole are; not allowed to leave the state, have to request permission to change residence, finding and maintaining employment, no possession of firearms, paying supervision fees, random searches, and no alcohol usage. While some of these conditions don’t seem very difficult, they can really effect an individual’s life.

Felons are struggling tremendously to find jobs post incarceration. This serves as a very big issue since one of the conditions of parole is having a job. Many employers don’t want to focus their attention on hiring felons because of their preconceived notions about them. While everyone makes mistakes in their lives, felons mistakes are put on blast in the job search process. This type of system sets individuals up for failure. Felons will sometimes feel that their only way to make a lively hood is to continue a life of crime. Since the public has already marked them as unfit to work simple jobs it’s inevitable that the recidivism rates are increased.

I believe the prisons should put more of their resources into preparing inmates for life outside prison. Grooming them to reenter the society will help them know what to expect from the future. Talking to employers and educating them on the rehabilitation efforts being taken in prisons can also help. By showing them that many of the inmates have changed then we will begin to see felons become functioning members of society, rather than stuck in the “rotating door”.

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