Break the Silence: Effective Feedback Using D2L Brightspace

Good vs Fake Feedback

Providing detailed feedback is an absolute must for effective online teaching. Feedback is a tool for instructors to communicate course content, guide, and lead students for a growing mindset.  One of the biggest influences for student’s work is good feedback. Without good feedback students cannot improve their work and can impede future learning. 

Feedback for learning in higher education highlights a growing number of studies that have demonstrated technology’s ability to boost student engagement with feedback. What D2L tools can faculty use for giving and personalizing feedback? 


D2L Rubrics can be created to evaluated activities in AssignmentsDiscussions, and the Grade tools with a predefined set of criteria. You can add additional feedback in a rubric as you are using it to grade an activity.  You can leave comments at the Criteria level by clicking on the Add Feedback link. 

Leaving feedback in the Assignment Tool 

Besides adding feedback to a rubric there are several other ways you can leave feedback in the Assignment tool.  You can leave feedback in the feedback box, upload a commented file, or leave audio and or video feedback. 

Watch how to add feedback and evaluations to assignment submission

Turnitin our anti plagiarism software is integrated with the Assignment tool in D2L Brightspace. Turnitin’s  QuickMark feature is standard editing marks commonly used by instructors when editing or grading papers. QuickMarks allow you to create a library of feedback that might be applicable, on multiple occasions, to multiple students, across multiple classes and assignments. You can use QuickMarks with or without generating an Originality Report. 

D2L Brightspace has created very good tutorials on how to set up the the Turnitin integration in the Assignment tool and leave feedback using QuickMark. 

Turnitin also has a great deal of help documents on using QuickMark as a commenting tool. 

Elements of QuickMark Commenting Tool 

Feedback options for Quizzes 

Feedback in a quiz has 3 different areas where an instructor can leave back. The first is feedback for the entire quiz attempt. 

The second area is feedback for the quiz section or category. 

Finally, feedback can be left for specific questions. 

Feedback Can Be Left Directly in the Grade Book 

Feedback can also be left directly in the grade book. You can leave feedback through a category or per grade item.  To leave feedback for students using a grade item go Enter Grades, select the drop-down menu next to the grade item and select Enter Grades. Scroll down so you see the student’s names. Click on the pencil icon on the Feedback column. 

On the Grade Feedback page enter the desired feedback in the text box. When completed click the Save button. There is also an option to leave private feedback/messages for other graders. 

As you can see there various types of feedback that can be left for students in D2L Brightspace. There are several resource articles that give ideas to faculty for leaving feedback. I have found a few articles that I hope will be of assistance for leaving good feedback.


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