Sports media itself is a broad field and finding exactly where you want to establish a career can be hard. To help narrow down the options of what career choices are available for you, you need to start organizing a list.
This list should contain five different categories: What am I good at, What professions are available for what I am good at, What are the requirements for this profession, Where is this profession available, and How much does this profession pay?

What Am I Good At?

This may seem like a very broad question, so lets narrow it down. When it comes to the media world, what are you skilled at? It could be photography, filmography, writing, graphic design, etc. Once you establish a list of your media skills, you need to establish a list of your other skills. For example, how well you work in groups, how well you communicate, how well you take orders and many more skills are what employers are looking for.

What Professions Are Available For What I Am Good At?

Once you have made your list, it gets a lot easier. The quickest way to find available professions are to go through a job site, such asĀ Say for example your skill is photography, you would type in “sports photography” in the search bar and hit search. Scanning through your results shpuld help give you an idea of what is available for you.

What Are The Requirements For This Profession?

Once you have found your list of jobs available, begin to go through the different requirements. Go through between 3-5 job requirements and make a composite list. Once you have your list, you can begin to check off what requirements you already reach and what else you need to work on.

Where Is This Profession Available?

Another crucial part in helping plan our your career is location availability. You should ask yourself: Is this job available near me? Would I have to move far away for this job? How expensive is the cost of living if I have to move? Will I have to travel for this job? If you are not willing to go far for a job, adjust your location settings before you search to get results better suited for your liking.

How Much Does This Profession Pay?

We all want a career that we enjoy, a career that feels more like a hobby than a job. However, money is a crucial factor and it can not go unnoticed during a job search. When researching different careers, make a list of the different available salaries in your field and compare them. Don’t jump immediately into the job that pays the most, because it might not be the best fit. Go for the career you feel like you’ll be the most happy and successful in, but make sure you factor in your possible salary when making this decision.

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