Daewoo and Zhigang Taking About Digital Literacy

Daewoo Jin, Zhigang Bai

  • What are 3 of your fundamental beliefs about learning literacy?
    1. The learning of literacy is socially constructed
    2. Learning happens everywhere.
    3. Learning literacy is not just confined to learning of language only.
  • What are 3 of your fundamental beliefs about teaching literacy?
    1. The teaching of literacy is not to teach literacy; it only facilitates the environment where the learning takes place.
    2. Teaching will be efficient when the learner gets involved in teaching actively.
    3. The teaching of literacy is to let the teacher learn as well.
  • What should be 3 key goals for literacy education in a digital age?
    1. The learner becomes an insider of digital literacy.
    2. The learner is able to communicate with people who are from and in non-digital age.
    3. The learner can work with/without digital technology.
  • What should be your basic approach to teaching literacy? What role should technology have in that teaching approach?
    1. Network-based autonomous learning
    2. Technology should work as a medium and facilitator of teaching.
  • How should literacy pedagogy respond to today’s technological world and to today’s digital learners?
    1. To use or not to use, enabling learning is the question. 
  • Discuss how your vision for teaching literacy would address the needs of World English speakers.  
  1. The teaching of literacy as a facilitation of learning enables world English speakers to take charge of their English learning.
  • Discuss how your vision responds to the challenge of the “digital divide,” a challenge that says we must worry about providing equal access to technology and information.
  • Should your approach to teaching literacy be the same as your approach to teaching other areas of English today? Why or why not?