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Positive working environments

Leadership has its perks but, of course, it comes with more responsibility. Today consequences can be dire. You are responsible for much more today than ever before, you have to create a work environment that is safe and nondiscriminatory. This can be an issue due to society constantly shifting what is acceptable. 

My personal experience with this was during the policy shifts the Army was experiencing concerning gay and transgender personnel. The Army has different regulations for men and women concerning physical health standards and uniforms. One of the standing policies in the army is to create a safe, nondiscriminatory environment for your subordinates. The individual well being of soldiers is the responsibility of the commanders. I had to watch company commanders struggle to find regulations and memorandums instructing them on what to do.   

I had a transgender soldier under my command. I had never heard of this before meeting this person, so I looked into it later on Google. The soldier was born Female but identified as a male. I opened an honest dialogue with the soldier explaining that I had never dealt with this before.  I asked for them to have patience if I offended them and to talk to me if I upset them. The soldier was much more understanding and I informed them I would do my best to make them comfortable and accepted.   

Throughout your career standards of human interaction will change in whatever field you are. The solution I have found is honesty and open communication with coworkers. Be respectful even if you do not agree with their lifestyles. If you are the manager do what you can and be honest.

I encourage you to look into the policies your job has concerning your what is expected of you in the workplace. Usually, as long you are polite you will not have any issues, most people are understanding. Make an effort not to treat them any differently as well. Tell your subordinates that they can always talk to you. Make yourself available.

what do you think about my solution of open dialogue? Do you agree or Disagree with anything I said? Do you have any solutions that might work better? Please comment and be respectful. If you like my content please encourage friends to take a look at this blog, let’s build this community.     


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