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Sociology the study of structure, development, and functioning of human society. This class may be almost more important history. This class is extremely important and should be required for every undergraduate degree. I would take it a step further, this should be mandatory in the High school curriculum.  Now this class should be treated as non-bias approach to society. High school is a different environment and teachers should not be allowed to be political in the class room. teachers should address political issues, but they must present the opposing argument as well. This should not be a class that varies too much based on the teacher .org or .gov sites should be used as evidence only.

Remember as previously stated on this site I try to be a neutral as possible, this site supports respectful, intelligent debates. I try to present ideas that support the growth of intellectual enlightenment. Western society was built on debate and logic. War and societal decisions should be based on necessity. I would like to go back to this way of thinking. I believe the way back to it, is great education stressing the importance of stem sciences and the encouragement of rational, critical thinking. I think that it is the base foundation of a democratic republic. A republic that has provided far more freedoms today and historically, than communism and socialism ever have. One of the core solutions to get our society on the same baseline peacefully is the introduction of sociology to the lower echelons of education like high school. Emotion and expression are extremely important but should only be expressed in the arts not in policy or most classrooms.

How does this relate to you? Well society and other people affect us every day. Metaphorically speaking, I would rather be the only stupid person in a room full of intelligent people than the only intelligent person in a room full of stupid people. Meaning I want the average citizen to be extremely intelligent, but the public-school system is mostly bad. The average American should know at least two languages other than English. They should have a deep understanding of our government and economic structure. We can teach this through sociology, I want our society to be as enlightened as possible. Sociology would enlighten our young to the concepts of liberty and freedom which are valued by so much of the modern world. The risk is totalitarianism which historically comes from large governing bodies and an uneducated populace. So, coming back to the original question, how do this relate to you? You don’t want to be surround by an idiocracy, meaning a society ran by idiots. The way we continue improving and advancing our society is by pushing the threshold of education. I am a strong supporter of increased pay for teachers, increasing school hours and decreasing class sizes.

With an increase in school hours we can increase the amount of time in class and the number of classes. We need to place more value in the profession of teaching. I went to four public high schools. Going through the public-school system I saw disrespect towards teachers from students, parents, and the facility. We have many issues in our society. The key to many of those solutions involves starting at the base, education and family. Sociology can touch on these subjects introducing these problems to a younger audience to be mindful of before being engaged in the work place and a college setting.

What are so solutions you think could achieve a more intelligent free cohesive society? Do you think my proposed solutions would be effective? Do you have any solutions? What do you want society to be? Remember please be respectful. On another note, I have my blog posts looked at by other people before posting to ensure it is not too divisive or maybe disrespects a demographic. I have been told multiple times my content can be a little dry though it is informative. So, I will now make an effort to be more actively funny and interesting! If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site. 

In this link I am posting below it is a satirical video from a movie concerning Idiocracy. It has adult content with some brief nudity of female breasts but in a Hellenistic art panting, there is cussing and sexual humor. Please enjoy!


The links below are some sources I recommend looking at about sociology

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