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Debating is something that this site has touched on before. This post is another build up post as the future posts ahead will get slightly less neutral in terms of politics. However, It will be over subjects that most Americans will be interested in and will offend no one. I promise to be respectful! I need to be more animated, more passionate, so I must take somewhat of a stance. I am a very middle of the road person on a lot of political and societal subjects.

I was raised by a far-left mother and a far-right father, they are still together, surprising I know. So as an independent voter I seek to unite both sides as I have done my whole life. I have gone to a military academy and a regular university, so I have had to debate passionately against the right and against the left. I also joined the military because I am unapologetic about being an American. I will tell you why, because I know history, and this country is not perfect, but we have raised more people and nations from poverty, liberated millions of people from tyranny and oppression, and have been a beacon of hope for millions of people the world over.  

Do you see how these posts are starting to come together? Everything connects and as we go on the posts will continue to build upon themselves but are derivative of the first two posts History, and Ancestry. Now Debating, it’s the truest core aspect that upholds and sustains our democratic republic. The ability to peacefully assemble and share our views with one another based on logic and research cannot be underestimated or taken for granted.

What we have today is not good enough. We should at a societal level make it more acceptable for people to admit when they are wrong. Our inability to change our minds when presented with new facts proving us wrong will drag this nation to the arms of socialism, communism or even worse fascism. We demonize our opposition when really we are all Americans, we all want better lives for everyone, we just disagree on what way to do it.

Leading me back to the main point debating, and more importantly compromise. This should be exercised in our education system via high school and college. Debate and public speaking classes should be mandatory. It should be mandatory for every American to learn to articulate themselves clearly as it is conducive to a better functioning society. I do not support turning the populace into a bunch of metaphorical sheep. Think critically and engage your fellow man. 


“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”

 -Margaret Heffernan


How does this affect you? Well like I have answered before every individual should want to live in a society where people are intelligent and articulate. This crusade to make people more informed and more engaged is a small thing that could change our society on a larger scale for the better. Opinions should be respected but challenged regularly, attacked even, with facts historical references and current updated research.

I challenge you the reader when you find that you may be wrong during a disagreement, admit it to the person. When you are discussing a subject you are unfamiliar with admit you do not have very much knowledge in that area. After that discussion goes learn and read about it, bring up the conversation later with someone after you learn enough about it to have a well-informed decision. Any action was taken other than that and both of you have lost.


I highly recommend this video. It is five minutes long I hope you are inspired to engage your fellow man in a peaceful debate! Challenge their beliefs! Have yours challenged!


What do you think about the quote? What do you think of my ideas to improve society concerning debating and public speaking? How did the video make you feel? Please comment respectfully and enjoy some interesting sites concerning debating. If you have any friends or family that may be interested in this content, please refer them to this site.

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